Frequently Asked Questions


How much does shipping cost?

Where you do you ship?

Will my chocolate arrive safely, unmelted, and beautiful?

Can I split my order to ship to different addresses?

Can I get it shipped without a invoice? (It’s a gift.)


What are Hot Chocolate Balls? Candy? Liquid filled? Hot chocolate flavored?

Do I need to refrigerate / freeze them?

How do I make hot chocolate with the hot chocolate balls?

How will I know which flavors are which?

I’m allergic to ______, what are the ingredients of hot chocolate balls and how are they made?

Are Hot Chocolate Balls vegan / vegetarian / Kosher / Halal?

Can I get a custom sleeve of balls?

Can I just eat them?

Can I make them with water?

What is couverture chocolate?

How is this different from melting a chocolate bar into milk?

What are "Lumps of Coal" hot chocolate balls?


What are the Hot Chocolate Ball flavors?

How dark are the Dark Hot Chocolate Balls?

How spicy / hot is the Aztec?

Is the Mocha very coffee-y?

Why honey? Does the chocolate have a strong honey flavor?

Is the sugar-free fat / calorie free?

How many calories are in each ball?

Didn't you used to have another flavor called Espresso?


How do I contact you?

Where can I find your schedule of events?

Do you sell in bulk?

Can I get these for favors for a holiday party?

Can I visit your store?

Why are they called Hot Chocolate Balls?